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Lash Extnesions Gordon Park

You will be looked after and feel welcomed at Blish Lash Studio. We offer a professional and personalised eyelash extensions service in Gordon Park. With quality results are always delivered and committed to enhancing and embracing your natural beauty.  


Our goal with lash extensions is to enhance your natural features, no matter if you have sparse or light lashes. Our Eyelash Extensions range contains a variety of lengths and widths in order to obtain the perfect look for you. Just like your real eyelashes, the eyelash extensions come in varying lengths and curls to achieve your desired look.

Our studio is based in Cocoa & Cream in Gordon Park and provides comfortable and professional setting so we can bring these quality services to you. If you have any enquiries, or if you need help to find your perfect lash set just send email or give us a call. 

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